Friends of Cherrywood

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Our Aims:

Principle aim:
[1] To promote the survival of Cherrywood as a self supporting woodland.
[2] So far as possible this to be as a natural Oak wood.
[3] In pursuance of this target, to support the existing management plan being implemented by the London Borough of Merton.

Subsidiary aims:
[1] To encourage a balance between the needs and wishes of those who enjoy the woods in different ways.
[2] To inform and encourage a responsible use and understanding of the wood itself and its flora and fauna
[3] To learn more about the origins of the wood and its place in our region's history.

Identification of groups with competing interests: (no particular order)

  • Birds squirrels and other fauna
  • Indigenous flora
  • Responsible children in unsupervised play
  • Dogs under control
  • Walkers and loiterers (casual strolling and passive enjoyment)
  • Walkers (through traffic)
  • Enjoyment of visual interests (from inside and /or outside the wood)