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If sufficient interest is shown in this site, this page will be used for discussions, notices etc.

The end of the summer holidays is the usual signal for a clean up operation, a review of the state of the wood, and a diary for the year.

Tree lopping of any dangerous branches overhanging rear gardens can be looked at, and the state of the paths considered. There is now a debate about the wisdom of mulching the paths. Much of what we have done in the past has provided temporary relief only, at the expense of swathes of mulch being washed down drains, or piling up at corners, as a result of heavy rains. We will probably restrict ourselves to the central path only in future, and allow the margins to reclaim the rest, but this needs further debate.

Merton have given us a list of grant making bodies, who can fund work on the woods that Merton has not the budget for (although Merton can then carry out the work). Ideas are beig canvassed on this, and suggestions to date include a proper 'posting' of all margins to prevent the occasional joyrider crashing in to the woods as has happened before, inappropriate use of the 'Green', etc. Funding could also be used for the creation of Storyboards, such as appear in other parks which can tell the story of the wood, and what to look out for. All further ideas welcomed.