Friends of Cherrywood

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The Friends of Cherrywood were formed in 1992 as a result of an initiative by the London Borough of Merton. The deal was clear - residents had to show serious input into the management of the wood if they wished the Council to do the same.

After 3 years of fairly intense activity, it was felt the wood had been restored to as much balance as was possible in the intense environment which surrounded it, and we are currently restricting our activities to annual rubbish collection exercises, occasional path maintenance, and, above all, a source of instantaneous reporting to the Council if problems arise.

In the intervening years there has been a significant turnover of local residents, and this site is intended to help those newly come to the area catch up with its history, make contact, and join in our occasional activities if they wish.

Nicholas Hart


Email me at if you wish to contribute to this site, or make contact generally.

PS. The leaf logo on the left of your screen is an oak leaf actually found in the wood and scanned in for this purpose. The Cherry leaf below came from one of our 3 Cherry trees in the wood.